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Electric vehicle charging cable standardization direction

Due to the use of electric vehicle charging cable requirements differ from traditional wire and cable, wire and cable standards currently difficult to cover all the requirements of the charging cable and therefore the need for a separate charging cable product standards, in order to promote the healthy development of the industry. Considering the mechanical performance requirements of the charging cable, electrical performance requirements as well as safety, environmental protection and service life requirements, the new LSZH materials, polyester elastomers, polyurethane materials more suitable for the charging cable insulation and sheathing material, has become the development direction of the charging cable products. The new halogen-free material because they do not contain halogens, when burned, no harmful gases and corrosive gases, smoke less and also has good flame retardant properties, with high safety; in mechanical properties, halogen-free materials and poly ester type materials compared with materials IEC60245 and IEC60227 standards set forth, with higher mechanical properties, can ensure that the charging cable technology used in the process of reliability and longevity, the main technical indicators and IEC60245 standard of new materials specified materials indicators such as shown in Tables 2 and 3, which, IEV-1 is halogen-free thermoplastic polyolefin-based material or a polyester-based material, EVI-2 is halogen free thermoset polyolefin or a mixture of ethylene-propylene rubber. Because of the charging cable sheathing layer protect cable, and in the course may encounter greater tensile force, thus requiring higher mechanical properties, the new polyurethane sheath material and flame retardant thermosetting polyolefin or a mixture of ethylene-propylene rubber sheath material, with high tensile strength, significantly higher than the IEC60245 and IEC60227 standards in performance materials, its main technical indicators as shown in Table 4, where EVM-1 is a polyurethane sheath material, EVM-2 as a flame retardant thermosetting polyolefin or a mixture of ethylene-propylene rubber, the new material has good mechanical properties, and the current IEC standard wire and cable products yet these two materials. Currently, the new insulation and sheathing materials has become the development trend of the charging cable product materials, has a broad development space and development potential; in addition, PVC materials, cross-linked polyethylene material in the charging cable also has a certain degree Applications. To ensure the normal development of the charging cable products, the corresponding charging cable standards should be established as soon as possible, provide the basis for charging cable products research and production.