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Electric vehicle charging cable

Advantages: This product is carefully selected a variety of electric vehicles, specialty materials, quality clearance, long service life, affordable, has been able to trusted customers.
Conductor Type: Conductor fine multi-strand twisted wire made of oxygen-free copper, flexible and strong.
Insulation features: special modified high temperature elastomer material insulation, oil water corrosion resistance, high temperature resistance, high mechanical strength, excellent chemical stability and dielectric properties, excellent product performance, use of safety.
For the environment: -40 ℃ ~ 125 ℃
Application: Applicable vehicle charging pile, mobile portable charging wire and cable equipment (spring line series), electric vehicle interior with a line (cell line) / motor line

Use features:
1, the cable during charging voltage and current signal control and transmission network systems with high pressure, high temperature, anti-electromagnetic interference, signal transmission stability, anti-twisted off more than 10,000 times, 50,000 times more wear-resistant, wear-resistant more than 50,000 times, oil, water, acid and alkali, UV resistance and other characteristics.
2, the product concentricity, up to 80%, the cable high voltage stable and reliable performance.
3, the product of the minimum bend 4D, easy to use narrow space between the corner wiring. Products with high flexibility characteristics, vehicle wiring is very convenient to use.
4, the product rated temperature 125 ℃, which is using a molding of soft insulation material is a great technological advancement and promotion, to ensure the cable has a flexible performance and increase the current carrying capacity of the cable is very important.